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 Anna-Maria Hefele


"A voice as from another world", "The lady with the two voices", "Polyphonic vocalist does the impossible" - these and other headlines have spread across the world about exceptional voice artist Anna-Maria Hefele.

Overnight she became a star in various TV- Shows such as "Menschen der Woche" (SWR with Frank Elstner), TV total (Pro7 with Stefan Raab), Spiegel TV and Deutsche Welle. Her YouTube videos have already resulted in more than 8 million views.

A graduate of the famous Mozarteum Salzburg, Anna-Maria has a special skill far beyond anything usual: she is capable of singing multiple voices at the same time. This is made possible by the ancient technique of overtone singing. "Everybody can learn it easily in the beginning", says Anna-Maria, but only a few people in the world are able to master this technique on the same level of quality as this young artist.